Winning the Direct Restorative Game

Presented by renowned international speaker: Dr Marcos Vargas

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8:30am - 4:30pm


Victoria Park Golf Complex
309 Herston Road 
Herston Qld 4006



6.5 scientific hours


Lunch and refreshments


Learn the secrets of creating long-lasting and life-like direct restorations that meet the demands of the modern patient.

Patient demand for aesthetics in every restorative dental procedure has increased tremendously over the last few years. In response the dentist needs to deliver aesthetic and functional restorations in the same amount of time in a profitable and predictable manner. Resin composite is now the bread and butter restorative material for clinicians. Modern resin composite materials provide a large range of shades and opacities allowing the dentist to create and deliver highly aesthetic, functional and long lasting restorations.
This presentation will provide tips, tricks and hacks through a step-by-step approach for the use of direct resin composite restorations. This presentation will discuss: shade selection, layering style, cavity preparation for aesthetics, resin composite manipulation, layering, contouring and polishing. Procedures like, direct resin veneers, diastema closures, Class III and IV will be presented through clinical case examples to allow the dentist to predictably provide great aesthetic results. You will clearly see that using readily available composite materials, and through application of a few techniques, you can achieve the results that you and your patients demand. Direct posterior resin composite restorations will be explained step by step with the goal of achieving ideal proximal contact, form, function and sensitivity free restorations. Bulk fill materials will be discussed and techniques for their utilisation presented.


Dr Marcos Vargas


Dr Marcos Vargas


Dr Vargas attended Cayetano Heredia University School of Dentistry in Lima, Peru and graduated in 1985. He spent two years in the AEGD program at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York. He received his Certificate and Master Degree in Operative Dentistry in 1994 at the University of Iowa where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Family Dentistry. His primary research interests are in the area of dental materials including glass ionomers, dentine bonding, composite resins and aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Vargas is also recognised for his expertise of Direct Restorative Treatment Procedures and conducts numerous lecture and hands-on seminars in the US and internationally. Dr Vargas has published extensively in the area of dental adhesion and resin composites for over 20 years. He maintains a private practice limited to Operative Dentistry with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry.