Disaster Victim Identification Course

Presented by Dr Neil Evans, A/Prof Alex Forrest, Dr Annu Nangia, Dr Brad Ross, Dr Alistair Soon and Dr Henry Wu.

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6 Jul:8:30am to 5:00pm, 7 Jul: 9:00am to 5:00pm


HSQ Forensic & Scientific Services
39 Kessels Road 



Dentists: 14 scientific hours | Staff: 6 scientific hours


Morning tea and lunch provided both days

An intensive two day program for Dentists (6 & 7 July) and a one day program for their staff (6 July only) including hands-on experience onsite at the Department. This event is presented in conjunction with HSQ Forensic and Scientific Services.
Course objectives:
• Provision of detailed background in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI),
• For Dentists, in-depth training permitting the attendee to be an effective member of a DVI team,
• For Staff, acquire the capacity to be an effective member of a Forensic Odontology Identification Team,
• Receive comprehensive manual and digital resources.
NB: Participants will tour the mortuary and view autopsy proceedings.
ADAQ extends thanks to HSQ Forensic and Scientific Services for their assistance with this course, and in particular Mr Paul Csoban, Senior Director HSQ Forensic and Scientific Services, and Associate Professor Charles Naylor, Chief Forensic Pathologist.
Topics covered will include:
• Introduction to Course and Forensic Dental Identification,
• Police – DVI Command and Organisation,
• Mental Health in DVI
• Forensic Pathology,
• DNA in DVI,
• Scene Brief, Post Mortem Brief: charting conventions, photography protocol,
• Tour of the mortuary and WH&S, and examination of the deceased,
• Dental age estimation using OPGs (Dentists only),
• Ante Mortem brief, chart transcription and reconciliation (Dentists only).


DVI 2017


A/Prof Alex Forrest


Alex is a Forensic Odontologist with many years experience, working at Health Support Queensland Forensic and Scientific Services. He has managed and participated in the Forensic Odontology Disaster Victim Identification operations for all domestic disasters in Queensland since 1994 including; the Blackhawk Helicopter Crash in 1996, and has also worked interstate following the Victorian Bushfires in 2009, and overseas with the Australian Federal Police following the 2002 first Bali Terrorist Bombing, the South Asian Tsunami in Thailand in 2004-2005, the Kokoda Aircrash in 2010 in Papua New Guinea, and in Samoa following the 2010 Tsunami.


Dr Neil Evans


Neil completed a Bachelor of Forensic Science in 2009 and then went on to complete his dental qualifications at Griffith University in 2014. Currently a general dentist in private practice, Neil also assists in the provision of forensic dental identification services at Forensic and Scientific Services.


Dr Annu Nangia


Annu Nangia graduated from dentistry in 1995 and is a registered Orthodontist in private practice. She has a keen interest in forensic dentistry and also works part-time with the Forensic Odontology team in Brisbane providing specialist-level identification services in at Forensic and Scientific Services (FSS).


Dr Brad Ross


Brad is studying for specialist qualification in Forensic Odontology and is working in Forensic Odontology at Health Support Queensland Forensic and Scientific Services. He has also managed the Forensic Odontology DVI response in a Queensland disaster and has participated in several more, where he has provided specialist-level identification services.


Dr Alistair Soon


Alistair completed the Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne in 2006, and had completed the Master of Forensic Medicine at Monash University in 2015. He is credentialed by Health Support Queensland to perform specialist-level forensic odontology in Queensland. Alistair has been involved in both local and international DVI incidents. He is currently working at Forensic and Scientific Services and Metro South Oral Health.


Dr Henry Wu


Henry is a Forensic Odontologist working at QHFSS. Henry has managed the Forensic Odontology DVI response in a Queensland disaster and has participated in several others in Queensland by providing identification services.



With special guest presenters Snr Sgt Ritchie Callaghan (Queensland State DVI Coordinator), Prof Peter Ellis (Forensic Pathologist), Mr Tim Gardam (Forensic DNA Analysis) and Dr Alain Middleton (Forensic Odontologist NSW).


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