Master Class In Contemporary Oral Medicine

Presented by Prof Camile Farah, Clin A/Prof Ramesh Balasubramaniam & Prof Michael McCullough

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8:00am - 4:30pm


ADAQ CPD & Training Centre
26-28 Hamilton Place 
Bowen Hills Qld 4006



6 scientific hours


Lunch and refreshments provided

This major event coincides with the book launch “Contemporary Oral Medicine: A comprehensive approach to clinical practice”. Oral Medicine focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and management of medically-related disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. This program focusses on oral diseases, orofacial pain, and dental sleep medicine.

Topics covered:

• Oral Cancer and Precancerous Conditions

• Pigmented Lesions

• Oral Ulcerative Lesions

• Gingival Pathology

• Oral Viral and Fungal Infections

• Oral Lichen Planus

• Vesiculobullous Conditions

• Salivary Gland Disorders, BMS and Halitosis

• Temporomandibular Disorders

• Non-Odontogenic Toothache

• Sleep Bruxism

• Oral appliance therapy for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea



Prof Camile Farah


BDSc, MDSc (OralMed OralPath), PhD, GCEd (HE), GCExLead, FRACDS (OralMed), FOMAA, FIAOO, FICD, FPFA
Camile Farah is Professor of Oral Oncology, Dean of Dentistry, Head of the UWA Dental School, and Director of the Oral Health Centre of WA, at the University of Western Australia. He is a registered specialist in both Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology with sub-specialty training in Oral Oncology. He has interests in clinical oral medicine and surgical oral pathology, diagnostic head and neck pathology, and oral and maxillofacial radiology. He maintains a part-time private practice in Oral Medicine with Perth Oral Medicine & Dental Sleep Centre, is a member of the Head & Neck Cancer Team at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and Director of the Australian Centre for Oral Oncology Research & Education, where he undertakes clinical and translational research into head and neck cancer early detection, personalised molecular diagnostics, and imaging. He has mentored over 50 postgraduate students and postdoctoral staff.
Camile is an inaugural Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (Oral Medicine) by examination, and Fellow of the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia (OMAA), the International Academy of Oral Oncology, the International College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. In addition, he is the recipient of many national and international awards, scholarships and honours. He has served as the Inaugural President of the OMAA and currently oversees its Credentialing and Peer Review Committee and Fellowship Examination. He is past President of the ANZ Division of the International Association for Dental Research, and Chair of the Local Organising Committee for the 4th Asia Pacific Regional Congress to be held in Brisbane in 2019. He is Chairman-elect of the Australian Dental Research Foundation having served as Chair of its Research Advisory Committee for 5 years.
Camile has authored more than 140 peer reviewed publications including 17 book chapters, has personally attracted $7.5 million in competitive research funding and has been involved in other successful collaborative grants totaling approximately $10 million. He has mentored over 50 postgraduate students and postdoctoral staff. He is Associate Editor for the “Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine” and “Oral Cancer” and an Editorial Board member of “Oral Diseases”, and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.
Camile has 20 years’ experience in dental academia, research, industry and the public and private sectors. He has held various leadership roles in dental academia and health care, and also owned and operated private practices in dentistry, oral medicine and diagnostic imaging.
Camile is co-author and co-editor of a new authoritative comprehensive textbook entitled “Contemporary Oral Medicine” to be published by Springer in 2018.


Clin A/Prof Ramesh Balasubramaniam


BSc, BDSc, MS, Cert Orofacial Pain (UKy), Cert Oral Medicine (UPenn), MRACDS (OralMed), ABOP, FOMAA, FADI, FPFA

Ramesh Balasubramaniam graduated with a BDSc from the University of Western Australia in 2000 and subsequently practiced general dentistry. In 2006, he completed a Certificate and Master of Science degree in Orofacial Pain at the University of Kentucky. While at the University of Kentucky, Ramesh also underwent training in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orofacial Pain. In addition, Ramesh completed specialist training in Oral Medicine as well as a Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Geriatrics at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. He has numerous peer reviewed publications, has contributed to several chapters in various texts and co-edited the May 2008 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America on Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction. In addition, Ramesh serves as a reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed journals. Ramesh has an appointment as a Clinical Associate Professor at the UWA Dental School at the University of Western Australia and is actively involved in teaching and research. He is president-elect of the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia. He also has public appointments at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia and the Perth Children’s Hospital. His Oral Medicine Specialist practice focuses on Orofacial Pain, Oral Diseases and Disorders, and Dental Sleep Medicine.
Ramesh is co-author and co-editor of a new authoritative comprehensive textbook entitled “Contemporary Oral Medicine” to be published by Springer in 2018.


Prof Michael McCullough


BDSc MDSc (Oral Med, Oral Path) PhD FRACDS (Oral Med) FOMAA FPFA FICD
Michael McCullough is the Professor of Oral Medicine at the Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne. He is the convener of both the post-graduate and graduate courses in Oral Medicine, has published 128 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, and was on the Expert Panel for both editions of the Therapeutic Guidelines book titled “Oral and Dental”. Michael is an Oral Medicine Clinical Consultant to the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne's Dental Clinic.
Michael gained a Bachelor Degree in Dental Science in 1982, a Master Degree in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology and a PhD in 1995, all from Melbourne University. He spent several years as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University in California during 1996 and 1997; followed by 3 years as a Lecturer in Oral Medicine at the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London. Michael has 27 years’ experience in clinical and academic Oral Medicine, was an inaugural Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in Oral Medicine (2005) by examination, and is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists (2012), the Pierre Fauchard Academy (2013), and the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia (2012).
Michael has supervised to completion 18 research higher degree students, and currently he is principal supervisor to 4 PhD students, and co-supervisor to 3 PhD and 6 MPhil students. Michael has published 128 clinical and scientific articles including 3 book chapters. His work is mostly published in ERA A*/A ranked journals in the highest-ranking journals in his specialty.
Michael is the current President of the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia and the Inaugural Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Council of Dental Specialists. He was the Chairperson of the Dental Therapeutics Committee of the Australian Dental Association from 2006 to 2012 and an active member until 2016. He was on the Expert panel of the Therapeutic Guidelines book, “Oral and Dental” whose first edition was in 2007, and the revised 2nd edition being published in 2012. Michael has been a member of the Australian Dental Research Foundation's Research Advisory Committee since 2013, and in 2016 became the Chair of this Committee.
Michael is co-author and co-editor of a new authoritative comprehensive textbook entitled “Contemporary Oral Medicine” to be published by Springer in 2018.


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