Multi-Wave Laser Training - ONLINE COURSE

Suitable for Dentists, Hygienists, OHT's and Therapists

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6 scientific hours


This course is for persons who wish to obtain a licence to use laser apparatus for hard and soft tissue laser dental procedures, and/or a radiation safety officer certificate for radiation practices involving the use of laser apparatus for hard and soft tissue laser dental procedures. This is a more extensive and comprehensive course to the introductory Laser Diode course.
This course is approved by Radiation Health Queensland.
Course Outline:
The content of this course is as follows:
1. Introduction and laser regulatory frameworks
2. Laser types and the generation of laser light
3. Unique properties of laser light
4. Soft tissue interactions
5. Laser safety
Candidates undertake a written examination (10 questions) which is returned to ADAQ for marking by Professor Walsh. Candidates can refer to the PDF coursenotes when preparing
the examination answers.
All materials issued by ADAQ CPD are subject to copyright and are for the use of the student only.


Prof Laurie Walsh - Laser


Prof Laurie Walsh


Laurie Walsh is an internationally acclaimed laser clinician and scientist. As a dental specialist in the field of special needs dentistry, Laurie has been using multiple laser wavelengths in clinical practice since 1991. After his dental training, he completed a PhD and higher doctorate in pathology and dermatopathology, and then worked full time in dermatology as a postdoc from 1989-1990 at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. His published papers in dermatology have been cited highly in the medical literature, particularly those in the areas of allergy, inflammation and immunology of the skin. Laurie trained in biophotonics in the USA, and undertook research in the areas of sunburn and photodynamic therapy. After his return to Australia, he established a clinical and laboratory research program in laser science which continues to this day. Laurie has worked clinically with Class 4 lasers and been a clinical trainer in laser dentistry since 1991, teaching laser safety to students in all types of health care programs for over 20 years, including those in dermatology for the past 15 years. Laurie was a contributing author to the Australian and New Zealand laser safety standard AS4173. He has lectured internationally on laser safety and on the uses of lasers in clinical diagnosis and treatment, and he has published extensively in this area. He is the principal inventor for several families of patents in advanced optics, laser-based diagnosis and treatment systems, and laser fiber optic systems.

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