ADAQ Committee Members


Continuing Professional Development

  Dr J Birch (Convenor)
  Dr LC Crowther
  Dr RR Dudhia
  Dr GJ Little
  Prof IA Meyers
  Dr DJ Philp
  Dr RA Philp
  Dr RG Smith
  Dr A Soon
  Dr G Westacott
  Mrs L Hunt

Recent Graduates and Students

  Dr N Ayad (Convenor)
  Dr PKT Goh
  Mr P Tran
  Ms N Stott
  Dr DL Cui
  Mr A Cheng
  Miss S Ojha
  Dr RG Smith

Dental Practice 

  Dr PD Mickenbecker (Convenor)

Oral Health

  Dr BA Newman (Convenor)
  Mrs L Hunt

Audit Risk and Compliance