1900 - 1927

The Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch (ADAQ) has its origins in The Odontological Society of Queensland, a professional body formed at a meeting held on Tuesday, 14 March 1905 where a number of metropolitan dentists met by arrangement at a colleague's rooms. They resolved that a Dental Society be formed, to be called The Odontological Society of Queensland. The objectives of the Society were to be the promotion of good fellowship and the advancement of the dental profession generally.

In 1905, a State Dental Conference was held in Brisbane. This was the first of its kind in Australia.

Sadly, the minutes from 1905, 1906 and 1907 have been lost, but ADAQ has the recorded history by way of minutes of meetings from 1908 onwards.

1928 - 1952

In 1928, a national dental body, the Australian Dental Association, came into being after considerable negotiation between the states. Mr W R Parker from Queensland became the first Federal President.

Dr C A Street who was President of the Odontological Society of Queensland at the time then became ADAQ's first President.

The ADAQ Memorandum and Articles of Association were later adopted at a meeting on 27 July 1928, and the first Annual Meeting was held on 29 November 1928.

The Society's practice was to have an Annual Conference at the same time as the Annual Meeting, two to three days being allotted to papers, clinics and discussions. To this day the practice is followed by ADAQ's Annual Clinic Day, Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner all on one day; currently the last Friday in November.

The First Annual Meeting of the Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) was held on 29 November 1928 and was attended by 64 members with 23 apologies.

1953 - 2000

On 10 December 1953, ADAQ established its first committee on 'Fluoridation'. Its aim was 'to facilitate the fluoridation of public water supplies in Queensland'.

On 22 July 1963, ADAQ became registered as a Union of Employers in Queensland.

2001 - Present

On 14 March 2001, ADAQ became a Registered Training Organisation.

On 8 February 2007, ADAQ Union of Employers became transitionally registered in the Federal jurisdiction.

On 27 November 2009, at the Annual General Meeting, members resolved to adopt a new constitution for ADAQ as the professional body for all registered dentist members. At the same time, in order to meet revised requirements for ongoing registration as a Union of Employers, new Rules for the Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) Union of Employers were accepted.