A number of ADAQ Committees made up of Members assist Council by providing advice on specific areas affecting the profession.

Role of ADAQ Committees

1. ADAQ Committees:

       a. Assist in the functioning of ADAQ
       b. Provide broader experience for potential ADAQ Executive Members
       c. Utilise Members’ skills and knowledge effectively
       d. Involve non-Council Members in Association business

2. Committees are formed by Council to act in an advisory capacity to assist Council in meeting the needs of the Association and its Members.

3. Committee Convenors are appointed by Council.

4. Membership of committees is reviewed annually with membership approved by Council at its first meeting each year.

5. Committees have no executive authority and may not act independently unless approved by Council.

6. All ADAQ Members are eligible to apply to serve on committees, with nominations taking place at the beginning of each year.

Dental Practice Committee

Role: To advise Council on issues that assist Members in their practice of the profession.

 1. Identify, investigate and make appropriate recommendations on matters affecting private dental practice, including, waste management, workplace health & safety, infection control, workforce issues and aspects of legislative compliance.
 2. Monitor and advise on matters related to the delivery of public oral health services.
 3. Review, and report to Council, on other matters (including third party involvement) as directed by Council or Executive.

Oral Health Committee

Role: To advise Council on oral health promotion issues.

 1. Develop oral health information suitable for dissemination to Members.
 2. Recommend measures which may improve the standard of public dental health and the prevention of dental disease in Queensland.
 3. Coordinate ADAQ dental awareness programs within Queensland.
 4. Where appropriate, encourage and facilitate philanthropic initiatives.

Continuing Professional Development Committee

Role: To advise Council on continuing professional development (CPD) activities and programs for Members

  1. Investigate and recommend high quality and relevant CPD activities to be conducted by ADAQ for Members and, where appropriate, for their staff.
  2. Liaise with ADAQ staff to assist in the delivery of CPD activities.
  3. Develop and maintain a list of suitable speakers and topics for CPD activities.
  4. Monitor and report on matters related to the Dental Board of Australia’s CPD policy.

Recent Graduates and Students Committee

Role: To advise Council on matters affecting the interests of recent graduates (within 5 years of grad) and student dentists.

 1. Advise Council on recent graduate and student association matters.
 2. Participate as directed in other ADAQ committees.

Audit Risk and Compliance Committee

Role: To assist Council to discharge its corporate governance responsibilities.

 1. Examine any financial affairs or external audit matter considered necessary.
 2. Examine any other matters referred by Council.
 3. Other specific functions as set out in the approved Committee’s Charter.