ADAQ is governed by a State Council elected by the Membership. ADAQ Committees support and advise the Council which has ultimate responsibility for all activities of ADAQ.

Representation on Council is provided by the elected Councillors of whom ten are based in SE Queensland (broadly an area between Noosa and Coolangatta and West to Gatton).  Five Councillors are elected by Members from the other regions of the state.  Council also comprise an Immediate Past President and two Federal Councillors all of whom are appointed by Council.

The results of the annual election of the ADAQ were confirmed at the AGM held on 29 November 2018.
We are pleased to advise that the new Office Bearers and Councillors for 2019 are:


Dr Adrian Frick (Burnett)


Dr Matthew Nangle (Moreton)

Snr Vice President:

Dr Norah Ayad (Gold Coast)


Dr Ron Blake (Peninsula) 

Jnr Vice President:

A/Prof Alex Forrest (Moreton)

Immediate Past President:

Prof Laurie Walsh (Moreton)

Federal Councillors:

Dr John Martin

Dr Martin Webb 

Executive Officer:

Dr Paul Mickenbecker (Central)


Dr Anders Blomberg (Northern) 

Dr Petrina Bowden (Moreton)

Dr Stuart Garraway (Moreton)

Dr Rob Hazlewood (Moreton)

Dr Gina Irwin (Western)

Dr David Le (Moreton)

Dr Gary Smith (Moreton)


ADAQ Executive

The ADAQ Executive consists of the President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Treasurer, two Executive Officers and the Immediate Past President.  The Executive, under the general control and direction of the Council, implements the decisions of Council and General Meetings.