ADAQ News is a full colour magazine, distributed monthly as a membership service to ADAQ members, both in the private and public sectors. ADAQ members comprise over 90% of dentists registered to practise in Queensland.

ADAQ News is the principal means of communication with Members and their staff. Editorial content consists primarily of Association business, professional and educational information relevant to members in the practice of dentistry. It also endeavours to provide information on oral health related issues, staff training and skills development, industrial relations, legal, and financial matters as well as features from university dental schools and other articles, all of which are aimed to appeal to dentists and their staff.

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ADAQ News magazine subscription is included as a component of the ADAQ membership fee. Members of other branches of the ADA may subscribe annually to the magazine at a cost of $88.00 (incl. GST) if within Australia or for $110.00 (incl. GST) for overseas subscribers.