The Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) (ADAQ) is a professional membership association for dentists.

  • We do not have statutory powers to investigate patient complaints or take disciplinary action against practitioners.
  • We use our best endeavours to assist both patient and dentist in resolving a complaint to their mutual satisfaction.
  • ADAQ will not accept or become involved in complaint matters that involve the professional conduct of the dentist or are about the fees charged for dental services.
  • ADAQ will only attempt to assist in resolving complaints that are related to clinical dental treatment.

Complaints Handling Procedure

What do we expect from you?

Before the ADAQ becomes involved in a complaint matter, we ask that you contact the dentist who provided you with the initial treatment of your concern and try to resolve the matter directly with your treating practitioner.  Sometimes a problem can be solved just by talking it through.  If the matter cannot be resolved with the treating practitioner, you may contact ADAQ for assistance.

How can ADAQ help you?

For initial advice on the matter you can contact ADAQ on 07 3252 9866 or email: 
If the dentist is not an ADAQ Member, we can provide you with alternative options for assistance. 

How can I make a complaint?

If the dentist is an ADAQ Member, and you want ADAQ to assist you in resolving your complaint, please read the following information.

All complaints must be in writing and you must provide:

  • The full name of the treating dentist(s)
  • All details relevant to your complaint
  • What you want to achieve to resolve the complaint
  • Your consent to access your relevant dental records

 Contact ADAQ or write to the following address

PO Box 611,
Albion QLD 4010.

How is the complaint addressed?

If we accept the complaint, and assuming the dentist is a member, we refer it to an internal review panel of experts for examination, who utilise the following procedure.

  1. The treating dentist will be contacted, provided with a copy of your complaint and asked to provide us with your records and a response to your complaint.
  2. The expert panel will review the information or may choose to seek further opinion.
  3. The expert panel will make its recommendations to ADAQ.
  4. You and the treating dentist will be advised of the outcome promptly.

Our aim is to assist both parties in finding a mutually acceptable resolution to a complaint.

What can I expect as an outcome?

We may conclude that the treating dentist is not at fault and has demonstrated a satisfactory level of care.
We may conclude that blame could be apportioned in whole or part to the treating dentist and we may then provide advice about a full or partial refund or a “without prejudice” payment.
Regardless, you must accept that the recommendations of the Association are not binding on you or the dentist. Our involvement in complaint matters is to assist both patient and dentist in resolving a complaint to their mutual satisfaction.

If I am not satisfied with the outcome, what else can I do?

You have the right at all times to refer your complaint to either of these agencies.

Office of the Health Ombudsman

Ph: 133 OHO (133 646)
Write: PO Box 13281 George St, Brisbane, QLD 4003

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Call 1300 419 495
9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Visit The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Alternatively, you may also seek independent legal advice.