ADAQ is the recognised voice of the dental profession in Queensland, and for over 100 years has provided support and services to its Members. The provision of ‘dental defence’ for Members was one of the founding objectives of the Association, and it has been a key focus in the delivery of services to Members ever since. Professional Indemnity Insurance is not only mandatory for registration, but it is vital to protect Members when it is most needed.
Since 2005, ADAQ has an ongoing agreement with QBE, one of the world's top 20 insurance companies, to underwrite ADAQ Members Professional Indemnity Insurance. Under the agreement with QBE, ADAQ provides all services to Members including advice, support, claims management and the engagement of lawyers when needed. This ADAQ in–house service is backed by a comprehensive QBE Professional Indemnity Policy that has been negotiated by ADAQ and has withstood all tests in providing protection against claims by patients, costs of official investigations and more. ADAQ in conjunction with Mediprotect and QBE offers professional indemnity insurance to General Dentists, Specialists (other than oral and maxillofacial surgeons), Hygienists and Therapists. Under an agreement with QBE, all claims are managed by ADAQ by the Director, Member Support and Advice. Members are assured of absolute confidentiality in all matters relating to complaints, claims and official investigations. When it is necessary, ADAQ will engage the services of lawyers, currently Hall & Wilcox, for legal assistance.

Mediprotect, as the Authorised Financial Services licensee, has authorised ADAQ to provide general financial product advice and other services in relation to the QBE insurance policy for ADAQ members.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - ADAQ Members insured with QBE

Reporting of incidents and claims:  ADAQ is the appointed Claims Manager for all Members insured under this QBE policy.

Any Member who requires advice or assistance in indemnity related matters may contact ADAQ on 07 3252 9866 or email:

Members who receive correspondence giving notice of an insurance claim, or who have an incident that may potentially give rise to an insurance claim or formal complaint, or who receive a notice of an official investigation by a statutory body are requested to report such matters to ADAQ on 07 3252 9866 or email:

For all queries about policy coverage and related matters, please contact ADAQ on 07 3252 9866 or email: