ADAQ is proud to support the following affiliated Study Clubs.  View the Study Club Guidelines

Australian Association of Laser Dentistry - Contact: Prof Laurie Walsh or Dr David Cox
The aim of the AALD is to provide a forum to discuss clinical aspects of Laser Dentistry in a non-aligned, non-partisan manner, so that all can benefit from the experience of others. The group meets approximately four times per year and is open to new members.

Amara Study Group - Contact: Dr Ann Chen (
This is a study club exclusively for women dentists.

Amara Study Group: Gold Coast - Dr Monica Smith - President & Dr Ai Tee Gan - Secretary/Treasurer (
This is a new study club exclusively for women dentists in the Gold Coast region.

Bennett Movement Study Club - Contact: Dr Richard Grant-Thomson (
Bennett Movement is a small low key study group of about 10 members and 10 casual members (regular guests) made up of both GDPs and SDPs. The Movement formed in 2000 and the experience of practitioners ranges from 8 to 20 years, however, the Movement is not exclusive and we are open to all comers. They meet monthly throughout the year at a local restaurant (no meetings in December and January).

Cadmus Study Club - Contact: Dr Keith Willis ( 
Cadmus Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 and continues to have a committed membership of general dentists and specialists.  The Society meets in the evening on the first Tuesday of every month at ADAQ Christensen House.

Carabelli Study Club - Contact: Dr Brett Phillips

Coopers Plains Dental Study Group - Contact: Dr Paul Ansell

Dental Book Club Study Group - Contact: Dr Norah Ayad & Dr David Le (
This study club meets on a monthly basis. It is comprised of graduates from the University of Queensland Class of 2012 and offers guest membership to any dental professionals. The fundamental aim of the group is to create a forum for discussion of clinical and professional issues relating to practice in an atmosphere of collegiality, peer mentoring and social gathering.

Dental Study Club of Brisbane - Contact: Dr Matt Pulvirenti
This is the first Dental Study Club founded in Australia and has limited membership. Brisbane metro and country members meet on the third Tuesday of the month in locations such as The Brisbane Polo Club and Hope Island Golf Club. The Club hosts an annual 3-day Scientific Weekend and follows the ethos of further dental education.

Fauchard Dental Study Club - Contact: Dr Kenneth Martin & Dr Debbie Bell – Joint Presidents
Meets every 2 months at different restaurants around Brisbane on the second Tuesday of the month. Guest lecturer at all meetings except the AGM and the Partner's function. Relaxed, informal atmosphere for free and frank exchange of information and ideas to better our professional and personal development.

Gold Coast Dental Study Group - Contact: Dr Joseph Bleakley
Established for over 20 years this group has a healthy mix of general practitioners and dental specialists. The number of members is capped at 45 and membership is closed at this stage. However, visitors invited by study club members are very welcome to attend any of the four meetings that are held each year.

Granite Belt Study Club - Contact: Dr Michael Letters
The Granite Belt Study Club was established in 2012.

Fusion Study Club - Contact: Dr John Carrigy (

Infusion Study Group - Contact: Dr Esther Cheng
The Infusion Study Group was established in 2004.

Pogonian Dental Study Club - Contact: Dr Patrick Lau

Southside Dental Study Club - Contact: Dr William Wang (

Vardiman Study Club - Contact: Dr Jim Coates (