Sub-Branches comprise of financial members of the ADAQ within a prescribed geographical area. All ADAQ members within an area prescribed by Council are eligible to be members of the Sub-Branch.

The objectives of a Sub-Branch are:

  • To further the interests and objects of the Association;

  • To establish closer liaison between members practising within the local regional area;

  • To afford a medium for discussion and consideration of:

- Any matter referred by the Council to the Sub-Branch;

- Any matter for referral by the Sub-Branch to Council;

- Matters of a clinical, scientific or professional nature or otherwise of mutual interest to Members

- To provide a means of co-operation and peer interaction between members;

- To provide continuing professional development (CPD) activities for eligible Members.

Sub-Branches comply with ADAQ's Sub-Branch Guidelines, overall ADAQ Constitution and By-Laws, and have elected office bearers and conduct activities consistent with ADAQ's overall objectives.

If any ADAQ Member would like more details on a Sub-Branch please email us


ADAQ Sub-Branches and Official Contacts


Dr Paul Dever

Dr Meglin Rathnasamy

Dr Patrick Dohring

Hervey Bay / Maryborough
Dr Spike Jan

Dr Andrew Wong

Dr Peter Monckton

Dr Kelly Waters

Gold Coast
Dr Norah Ayad

Dr Jonathan Pye

Sunshine Coast
Dr Bronwyn Ahern                   

Dr Robert Sivertsen                    

Dr David Young