How can I record my CPD?

CPD can be recorded by ADAQ Members themselves, by choosing options 1 or 2 below:

  1. ADA online facility “CPD Logbook - Login to the CPD Portal on the ADA website
  2. Personally manage CPD records by personally recording and storing documentation related to CPD activities undertaken

ADAQ encourages dental staff to participate in training and CPD activities and events. It is recommended a record of any events and courses attended is maintained and any statements of attendance received are retained for seven years.

What CPD details do I record?

When recording CPD hours ensure that the following details are included:
  • Date of the lecture
  • Provider of the activity
  • Speaker details
  • Topic or area such as Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics etc.
  • Lecture / workshop title
  • Synopsis of the session (the original advertising flyer has this detail)
  • Length of the activity (excluding meal breaks) i.e. CPD hours
  • Total CPD hours categorised as Non Scientific or Scientific (for more information, visit the Dental Board of Australia’s Codes and Guidelines page.)

For each event attended, it is recommended that evidence of the following is retained:

  • Original promotional flyers / brochures for the activity
  • Tax Invoice / receipt
  • Statement of Attendance,

Note: evidence can be either in electronic format or hard copy.

Where do I submit my CPD records?

According to the Dental Board of Australia’s Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard, ADAQ Members must “produce evidence of their CPD activities when requested to do so by the Board”.

Recording your CPD activities using the ADA CPD Portal online service does not constitute a formal submission of your CPD activities to the ADA or the Dental Board of Australia.

ADAQ does not forward any record of your CPD activities to the ADA or the Dental Board of Australia. ADAQ can only store information regarding ADAQ events you have attended.

For further information on recording CPD, visit the Dental Board of Australia website.

How long do I have to retain my CPD records?

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency states that dental practitioners should retain records of their CPD for seven years, in order to produce evidence in the event of being audited.