Dr Jacki Kearslake


Jacki Kearslake is an Australian Dentist, a graduate of the University of Adelaide in 1990.  She opened her first Dental Practice , in Cooma, New South Wales in 1996.  Her second somewhat unusual practice, was a locum service. For nearly two years she worked in a number of Canberra practices, stepping into the shoes of practice owners while they took a holiday, helping owners to build a practice in preparation for a new full time employee.

Jacki soon noticed that Australian Dentists were experiencing many challenges with their online visibility. It seemed natural to focus on helping her professional colleagues, and so Jacki decided to work with Australian Dentists exclusively

Jacki has observed that many dental practices are being given poor advice about their websites, social media and other aspects of online marketing. Many seem to adopt models or strategies that are permitted in the US, but that don't meet Australian advertising regulations.  Others have unknowingly bought services that end up achieving undesirable outcomes. Many Australian dentists have confessed to Jacki that they are confused, uncertain or nervous about their online marketing options.

Through her consulting practice, Dental Web Strategies, Jacki helps Australian Dentists to understand and navigate the digital world with confidence and purpose.