Mr Andrew Albury


MGD Wealth, Director – Wealth Management

With over 30 years’ experience across accounting and wealth management, Andrew has built a strong reputation for guiding and advising clients on the optimal strategies to reach their retirement goals. For the past 15 years, Andrew has worked closely with ADAQ members in developing financial strategies that are unique to the dental industry.


Mr Stephen Furness


MGD Wealth, Director – Wealth Management

In his role as Wealth Management Director, Stephen works closely with advisers, researchers and investment partners to provide clients with high level strategic wealth management and investment solutions in order to grow and maximise their wealth. Stephen has been a driving force behind MGD’s vision for investment portfolio offering and total wealth management philosophy.


Mr Andrew Proudfoot


MGD Wealth, Director – Risk & Succession

A unique background in law, tax and economics supports Andrew’s focus of delivering world class financial advice and solutions to his clients. As Risk and Succession Director, Andrew provides tailored personal risk insurance strategies and high level strategic business succession solutions to his clients.