Dr Daryl Holmes
Dr. Holmes is the founder of 1300SMILES Limited and a qualified dentist having obtained his dental qualifications (BDSc (Hons)) at Queensland University in 1987. During the last two years of his five year degree he accepted a scholarship from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Upon completion of his degree he practised dentistry as a RAAF Dental Officer (1988-91). Thereafter, in 1991, he began private dental practice in Ayr and Home Hill, North Queensland later that year. Since that time he has operated dental surgeries in the Burdekin region, Townsville, Cairns and more recently throughout most of Queensland’s major centres.
Dr. Holmes has been a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) for 26 years. Dr. Holmes has extensive experience in operating dental practices and an intimate knowledge of the management, administrative and other support services required in a dental practice. He has been instrumental in establishing the support network and suite of services that 1300SMILES Limited currently provides to its dental clients. Dr. Holmes has been a Director, and currently Deputy Chairman, of the Cowboys Leagues Club for the past 11 years.