Mr Gil Muir

Gil is the Director of Employer Services Pty Ltd and has been in the field of IR since 1975 as an advocate and negotiator in the main. Gil has taught IR at the QUT and is a regular presenter to clients and their members on related topics in the IR field. Employer Services including Gil has 5 experienced consultants providing support to a wide range of clients across many different industries. The firm passed its 25 year anniversary in September 2012.

Employer Services has had an association with ADAQ since 1987 and currently has a retainer to provide telephone support to ADAQ members regarding Awards; National Employment standards; Performance Management and where necessary disciplinary procedures. Where necessary other consultancy work is undertaken.

Gil worked closely with Lyn Hunt and Paul Andrews in the creation of the former DA’s Award in regard to the 38 hour week and subsequent Pay Equity case for DA’s. The Pay Equity case was the first formal case of its type in Australia and certainly Queensland..