ADAQ Recruitment Services provides a selection of quality resources to help job seekers prepare for position applications and interviews.

Apply for Position

If you wish to apply for a position, create a personal Job Seeker Profile outlining your individual requirements for employment and upload a comprehensive and current resumé. Upon acceptance, you will be contacted by an ADAQ representative to discuss your circumstances and requirements. Should you be classified as a suitable candidate, your profile will be matched with Member dentists who are seeking to recruit employees.  Using the Job Search engine you can request further information about a listed position and enquiry about applying for the position. 

ADAQ encourages all job seekers to read through these resources before applying for recruitment

Interview Resources

Typically, interviews follow a simple structure. If you know what the structure is, you may be more at ease and be able to really concentrate on what is being asked of you. Read more about interview structures, common underlying questions, traditional questions and other interview topics on our Interview Tips page.

Some positions you apply for require behavioural interviews. Behavioural interviews are usually conducted by behaviourists or psychologists. They are used when the organisation wishes to obtain and evaluate the individuals' competencies, which are critical for success. The recall of past behaviours is used as a marker towards future behaviours. Read more about the typical questioning style and competency-based questions on our Behavioural Interviews page.

Resumé Resources

Access our resumé resources pages for advice on resume writing and transferrable skills.

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