Recruitment Services Terms and Conditions

This agreement covers all areas of the Recruitment Services offered by ADAQ.

  1. Dentists using this service must hold current ADA Membership.
  2. By using the ADAQ Recruitment Services, you allow your personal information to be stored, reviewed and made publically available to users of the ADAQ Recruitment Services.
  3. By accepting this agreement, you give ADAQ permission to act on your behalf and present your contact details and professional resume to users upon request.
  4. By accepting this agreement, you give ADAQ permission to conduct preliminary checks on the information you have provided.  ADAQ may contact your listed referees and/or past employers based on the information you have provided.  Additional information may be requested where insufficient details have been submitted.
  5. All qualifications supplied must be certified.
  6. By accepting the Recruitment Services Acceptable Use Terms and Conditions Policy, you agree to provide truthful and correct information to the best of your knowledge. ADAQ takes no responsibility for issues that arise as a direct result of the provision of deliberately misleading or falsified information.
  7. If you have any grievances relating to the ADAQ Recruitment Service, you can contact ADAQ by phone: (07) 3252 9866 or email us. All matters will be taken seriously and attended to promptly.  Allow three working days for an ADAQ Recruitment Services Representative to contact you in response.