DRS KARIM AGHA & MARK GERVAIS: A Complete Guide to Restoring Root-filled Teeth

  • How and when to refurbish, renovate, and rebuild root-filled teeth?
  • The biomechanics of tooth structure
  • Resistance form .v. enamel bonding
  • Posts, cores and ferrule-based restorations
  • When is it better to remove a tooth?

DR DANIEL FORD: Management of the Child Dental Patient - Tips & techniques for working with children in the chair
For health care providers, the ability to accurately diagnose and provide safe and effective treatment is the key to success. In the paediatric dental setting, this is often easier said than done. The behaviour of the child patient sets the tone of the practice, influences the blood pressure of the team and determines whether the clinical goals are achievable. Welcome to the everyday of Dr Daniel Ford and his team. Daniel will discuss how the team can guide the behaviour of the child patient to achieve a happy and positive experience for all, and produce great clinical outcomes.

DR RAKESH JIVAN: The New, the Tried, the True – How well do you understand dental materials?
This session will be an exploration of dental materials currently used in practice, along with highlighting some newer products and their usage.

JENNY JONG: Lifting Performance of Your Staff from Mediocre to Marvellous
In today’s turbulent economic times, it’s imperative that you are able to maximise the return and contribution of every staff member in your practice. This lecture will take you on a journey through the fundamentals of quality HR practice to ensure that you are getting the most from each staff member. Jenny will explain how competency, motivation and cultural alignment all contribute to achieving higher levels of staff performance.

DR GERALDINE MOSES: Tailoring Medicine Use to the Extremes of Age: The very young and the very old
Age-related changes influence the way our bodies handle medicines at different stages of human development.   Not only do medicines work differently at different ages, but they move around the body and are metabolised in different ways.  As Dentists see more people at the extremes of age;  the very young and the very old, it is more important to prescribe and use medicines with an understanding of age-related influences on drug pharmacology.  Examples relevant to dental practice such as antibiotics,  sedatives and analgesics will be discussed.

ADJUNCT ASSOC PROF DAVID ROESSLER: Ceramics - What you need to know
Ceramic materials have the potential to be the most aesthetic and conservative of all indirect restorations. But when should we choose ceramic and which one should we be using? How do we choose between zirconia, lithium disilicate, leucite or good old feldspathic? Whether posterior or anterior, do ceramics last, and what can we do to help? When should we use a bonded ceramic?
Do different ceramics require different approaches to cementation? The right technique with the right material makes all the difference. So, what cement works best for different ceramics? How should we treat the tooth and how should we treat the ceramic? When do we need to bond and how can we get the best bond? Will bonding protect teeth and ceramic from fracture? Do we need different methods and cements for veneers, crowns and inlay/onlays? And where does CAD-CAM fit into the picture?
Wouldn’t it be great if ceramic restorations were less stressful? This practical two part presentation will use research and clinical examples to simplify your efforts with ceramics, help you make better clinical decisions and get better looking, longer lasting results.

DR GARY SMITH: Secrets - Supporting the elderly patient
Gary Smith presents a wide ranging tour of  Prosthodontics from the dim past to the present day treatments. All sorts of secrets will be looked at, including partial dentures and implant retained dentures. Also analysed will be complete denture examinations and how they can be charted easily, and tips on mixing materials.  Guaranteed to be interesting and even a little entertaining.

DR MICHAEL WALKER: Review of Relative Analgesia – “The forgotten art and treatment options”

  • What are the current legal requirements to use RA?
  • Why did RA cease being used in practices and the machines ultimately end up in the corner?
  • Why use RA over oral sedation?
  • How to use RA properly
  • New brochure launch for surgeries
  • The Dental Board’s opinion
  • Sedation on a whole 
  • Appropriate billing for RA procedures

SOFTWARE OF EXCELLENCE: Digital Management of Practice Records 
Digital record keeping is common place in many dental practices. Hear how to maintain digital records in the best possible way and fully explore features common to all digital record programs.

DEBATE AND DISCUSSION WITH DENTAL EXPERTS: To Register or Not - Should Dental Assisting in Australia follow the UK model?
The registration of Dental Assistants has been informally discussed for many years. This session will debate and highlight the many pros and cons of be considered before Australia follows the path of overseas oral health “professionals”, particularly focusing on the UK model. To register Dental Assistants or not? That is the question.  Audience participation will be encouraged.

ADA NSW Advisory Service: Getting CDBS Right - Administration and record keeping
CDBS has proved to be a popular and well-used scheme by both practices and patients alike. However, practices are keen to ensure that the stresses and concerns experienced with previous schemes is not repeated. Effective and appropriate record keeping in accordance with Government requirements is the focus of this session.