ADAQ has a variety of membership categories to suit the profession. Each category is outlined below or find more information on the membership application form.

Please note that the prices outlined below are for a full year of Membership, as we are in a prorated period you will be charged a prorated rate of the below.


Thank you for your interest in joining ADAQ! We are currently making changes to our website. Should you wish to be come a Member, please contact the Membership team at or phone (07) 3252 9866.

Undergraduate student


Undergraduate Dental Students (1st-5th year)



Whilst completing ADC studies

Post Graduate


Full-time student doing formal postgraduate dental degree (max 3 year period)

New Graduate


For 6 months upon graduation

First Year Graduate


66% Discount off full membership rate between 6-18 months since graduation

Second Year Graduate


33% Discount off full membership rate between 18-30 months since graduation

Active – Full time


Practising more than 770hrs per annum in private practice only or both public & private practice

Active – Government


Practising more than 770hrs per annum in public sector only

Part- time


Practising 16hrs or less per week

Practising Senior


For those who are over the age of 70 and have been a member for more than 30 years



Retired from active dental practice



Not in active dental practice

Leave of absence


Granted leave of absence for a specified period on written application

Honorary Member


Elected at AGM - free state membership (can choose to retain federal membership)

Life Member


Elected at AGM - free state and federal membership

Please note: Membership of ADAQ requires you to be registered with AHPRA and hold a current professional indemnity insurance policy. These conditions are not required for Student Members or ADC Student Members.

Not sure which membership is best for you?

Contact the Membership officer or call us on (07) 3252 9866

Transferring your Membership?

If you are transferring your Membership in or out of ADAQ please complete the Authority to Transfer Form.