Basic Laser Training - Diode Lasers

This course is for persons who wish to obtain a licence to use laser apparatus for hard and soft tissue laser dental procedures, and/or a radiation safety officer certificate for radiation practices involving the use of laser apparatus for hard and soft tissue laser dental procedures. This course is approved by Radiation Health Queensland.

course outline:

The content of this course is as follows:
1. Introduction and laser regulatory frameworks
2. Laser types and the generation of laser light
3. Unique properties of laser light
4. Soft tissue interactions
5. Laser safety
Candidates undertake a written examination (10 questions)
which is returned to ADAQ for marking by Professor Walsh.
Candidates can refer to the PDF coursenotes when preparing the examination answers.
All materials issued by ADAQ CPD are subject to copyright and are for the use of the student only.

Speaker biography

Professor Laurie Walsh   
Laurence Walsh has been Professor of Dental Science at UQ since 1999, where he leads the research
group in advanced technologies and materials. He has undertaken clinical and laboratory trials for a
wide range of bleaching systems and technologies, and has published extensively on this topic in the
national and international literature. Laurence has over 25 years clinical experience with conventional and
laser-based systems for treating more difficult cases including tetracycline staining. He has presented
numerous lectures and hand-on courses in tooth bleaching systems and technologies for the past 
decade across the Asia-Pacific region and in North America.

Event Pricing

ADA Member / Staff- $440.
Non Member / Staff- $572

CPD Points

4 Scientific hours 
1/1/2019 - 12/31/2020

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