Ergonomics and Wellness in Dentistry

Ergonomics and Wellness in Dentistry
This session is designed for the clinical team to learn techniques to reduce occupational chronic pain.

EVENT Overview

Introduction to dental ergonomics and how to reduce occupational chronic pain.

This webinar will set you on the path to career longevity. 

The incidence of chronic pain is alarming in dentistry. Most treatments for occupational chronic pain are symptom oriented instead of the cause, providing only short-term pain relief. 

Most dental students don’t learn how to bend over patients without compromising their neck, back and shoulders. Consequently, most dentists bend and twist in harmful ways for long periods in the clinic.

Prolonged forward and downwardly directed, unilaterally collapsed work postures increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the causes of occupational chronic pain
  2. Recognize harmful habitual work postures 
  3. Gain knowledge of biomechanical design and its dental industry specific applications, including correct magnification loupes and seated working postures
  4. Learn how to cultivate postural awareness and reduce the risk of occupational chronic pain
  5. Understand the power of postural habits and how to change them

Speaker biography

Dr Anikó Ball 

B.D.Sc.(Melb), Dip. Clin. Hypnosis, Adv. Dip. Alexander Studies, Founder Optimum Dental Posture

Practising in Melbourne, Australia for over thirty years, Anikó suffered frequently from neck, back and shoulder pain. Doctors and physical therapists offered short-term symptom relief without identifying her condition as work related. 

Anikó recovered when she learned to recognize and change harmful work postures by applying biomechanical design principles. She founded Optimum Dental Posture to save her colleagues from suffering occupational chronic pain.

Anikó has been a presenter at Australian Dental Association Congresses, CPD courses and group meetings.

Trained in mind-body calming techniques and Inner Ergonomics, Anikó trains dentists and their teams around Australia and NZ how to reduce occupational chronic pain and stress. Her vision is the integration of ‘Inner Ergonomics & Wellness’ training in dental schools.


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1 Scientific hour 

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7/8/2020 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

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