Practice Advisory Services

Practice Accreditation

ADAQ provides Dentists with a range of accreditation information and support resources to assist with interpreting the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards  (NSQHS Standards).

For further information about Accreditation, please read through the Practice Accreditation information on the ADA website .

The Process

  1. The first step is to register with an agency who will conduct the accreditation audit: 

    Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) 
    You can register with QIP through the ADA website. ADA members are offered a significant discount on registration fees for accreditation with QIP, members need to register through the ADA website to receive this discount. All fees paid upon registration go directly to QIP. You will have 12 months from the date of registration to submit your completed evidence.


    You can register directly with HDAA and once registered there is no time limit for submitting your completed evidence.

  2. Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome pack from the agency. The full list of documents you need to complete to be considered for practice accreditation is listed in the Summary of Evidence Guide.

    The ADA has created a suite of templates to help you work easily through the list. These templates are accessible once you register for accreditation. You can either use these templates, create or update your own documents or you can use a combination of the two.

  3. Once you have developed all of the required evidence, you are ready to submit to the auditor. You can submit this evidence electronically using an online portal.

    There is no such thing as “failing” practice accreditation as we will work with you to ensure all the documentation is up to the required standard. If needed, your auditor will provide feedback outlining the necessary changes required to meet the standards. 

    Once achieved, you will hold accredited status from two to three years (depending on the agency) from the date you are awarded accreditation.


ADAQ Support

ADAQ offers professional, relevant and practical support over the phone or email at no cost as a member benefit. 

Our Education and Practice Advisory Team can also assist with customised Accreditation Document Development. This is an additional service and includes customisation of accreditation templates for your practice and having a dedicated ADAQ Advisor working with the practice owner and practice manager to ensure that the customised documents reflect the practices processes and are able to be submitted smoothly. To view costs or to book this service, please click here .  

If you’re undertaking accreditation for the first time, or seeking re-accreditation, please contact the Education and Practice Advisory team on 07 3252 9866 or email us for enquiries and support.